Lucifer is the main antagonist and the ruler of the Ghoul Realm in Ghouls 'N Ghosts. He appears as a giant red demon and rules from his throne in his abyssal keep.

Ghouls 'N GhostsEdit

Lucifer during this time is the ruler of Ghoul Realm after the fall of the former king of the devils, Astaroth. He is capable of firing beams from his hands, stomping to crush his foes and destroying the floor beneath Arthur's feet. Lucifer kills Princess Prin Prin along with all the villagers in the mortal realm, stealing their souls and consuming them. Arthur manages to defeat Lucifer after obtaining the Psycho Canon, the only weapon able to destroy the devil king. After defeating him, the souls of the princess along with the other villagers are released from his body.

Gargoyle's QuestEdit

Lucifer is known as Rushifell in Gargoyle's Quest and is fought by Firebrand to prove himself.  He fires balls of energy from his hands, his throne suspended in the middle of the chamber.  After defeating Rushifell, Firebrand is given the Eternal Candle which gives him the magical power of Darkfire.

Gargoyle's Quest IIEdit

Lucifer appears again in Gargoyle's Quest II but assist Firebrand.  He is found in the town of Loosekeep.  After seeing that Firebrand has acquired Lethe's Candle, he gives him the Magic Claw which allows Firebrand to climb up walls of thorns.