Astaroth is a recurring villain who also serves as the main villain for the first Ghosts 'N Goblins game and is (was) the ruler of the Makai (Demons).  He appears as a large demon with horns with a menacing demonic face on his torso.

Ghosts 'N GoblinsEdit

As the ruler of the Makai during this time, he was the final antagonist who plotted the kidnapping of the princess. His was capable of firing fireballs from both of his mouths. Arthur defeated him using the magic cross.

Ghouls 'N GhostsEdit

Astaroth loses the throne after his defeat, with Lucifer taking over as ruler of the Ghoul Realm.  During this time, he keeps watch over Lucifer's abyssal keep.  He emerges from doorways within the keep and can breathe fire from both his mouths.  He is faced twice in the keep, the second time is able to divide himself if not defeated quickly.

Super Ghouls 'N GhostsEdit

Astaroth returns again, this time watching over Emperor Sardius' castle. He can fire laser like beams as well as fireballs from his mouths. When he is finally defeated, he is resurrected as Nebiroth, an undead version of himself.

Ultimate Ghosts 'N GoblinsEdit

Astaroth makes another appearance but is now called Dark Astaroth. He is once again a major boss fight and guards the door to the then current ruler of the Ghoul Realm, Hades.